Website optimization

Since the website’s earliest days, we pay the utmost attention for the best possible user experience and continuously seek the space for improvements. We value your time. Therefore the website is optimized to consume as little broadband as possible, resulting in short rendering times. This happened to be the crucial factor for mobile devices - a vast majority of our visitor base. To ensure their smooth impressions, additional more lightweight versions of the resources are utilized, while the critical ones were successfully inlined. We followed the “you aren’t gonna need it” principle here as well, so the code and requests are limited to just what is essential. The less the kilobytes, the less you wait. What fruits did it bring though? Google PageSpeed Insights rate is 93/100, which confirms us to be user-friendly. YSlow grades the website with 84/100 points, placing it way above the average.

What would the most brilliant web page be if it was difficult to look up? A good SEO is indisputably a must for any successful place on the Internet, it can’t be achieved overnight though. The technical efficiency obviously comes first, but the right content is even more important, hence we’re maintaining the balance between it being interesting to the reader and appropriate to the search engines. Minding the former, we’ve prepared our website to be convenient for those with sensory impairments, keeping the structures logical and predictable, which is also impactful to the search results.

JavaScript, HTML5, Sass, Node.js, Gulp