Web data extraction

TDCM is an extended dev team that is not afraid of the challenges. Among all of the solutions we have delivered so far, web-scraping deserves a special place in our hearts. Each of the accomplished projects from within that spectrum brought our customers the ease of controlling their businesses and outcomes. Moreover, each of them started with very custom requirements, which we were able to meet.

Whether it’s several records per month or millions per week, the data health always plays a fundamental role. First, there is a stage of discussion and analyzing the needs. As soon as the goals are clear, the design phase begins, where every decision is carefully weighed. After that, the implementation is just a formality. An essential factor of every successful project though is communication. The needs might develop, the questions are likely to arise as time goes by and the key is to keep them answered. So, how did we manage?

To bring the structure to life is one thing, but to maintain its operability is where the fun part begins. To assure the data quality, we utilized custom server applications based on Node.js that would validate, process and shape a scraped information to the desired format, then eventually deliver it to the agreed destination. We have secured every workflow with the scheduled automatic test suites that would notify the team about any problem or malfunction. It enabled us to provide quick and accurate reactions in the event of failure, so the systems were brought back to stability in less than 48 hours at all times. Continuous monitoring of the data sources was established, which turned out to be crucial in preventing most of the issues. All of those combined with swift communication resulted in seamless and smooth experiences for our clients. Keeping track of the reviews gets out of hand? Facing a pile of schematic, prone to error operations? Monitoring the market overwhelms you? The solution is within your reach. Contact us!

JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Chai, Heroku, AWS, Python