StyleApp is a mobile application with backend APIs built for a startup. The main goal of this app is to connect people interested in fashion and clothing with professional stylists. The user is guided through a wizard, where he shares personal features like height or body proportions and answers specific questions about what he or she likes and dislikes in clothing, with all the little details. The stylist receives an exhaustive and reliable form based on which he can prepare a set of clothing with the specific user’s preferences in mind. The stylist then sends a package to the user. It is up to the user to decide whether their expectations were fulfilled. They can keep the items received in the package, return them or exchange for other sizes.

The application was meant for mobile devices with Android/iOS. It integrates the user’s data, allowing them to modify their clothing preferences and monitor the status of incoming packages. The stylist is responsible for the shipment and the content of the packages. If the user is not pleased with a stylist’s work, he can expect their order to be modified accordingly. Also, the user can rate received packages and share their comments.

JavaScript, React/React Native, React Redux, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku