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Personalized content paths for every business to binge on top-of funnel content

A software that makes running a campaign simple and accessible for everyone. Allowing to add personalized content, use on-page engagement tools, all within created paths, managed on-line. Easy to use, innutivie, availabe for everyone.

Technologies we used:

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Mobile app with an ability to connect thousands of stylists with millions of fashion-conscious users.

A mobile application with backend APIs built for a startup. The main goal of this app was to connect people interested in fashion and clothing with professional stylists. The user is guided through a wizard, where he shares personal features like height or body proportions and answers specific questions about what he or she likes and dislikes in clothing with all the little details.

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Fast and easy way to organise and promote events for up to 2,000,000 attendees.

A web application for conference and event organizers. It started in 2013 as a simple registration form, and it became a working product by 2017 that solved all organizers’ problems. Eventshaper worked out the problem of creating an event website, collecting participants’ registration, accepting payments, communicating with participants, efficiently checking attendance, creating participants' business cards and providing many other tools necessary for hosts.

Technologies we used:

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Self scaling carpark management system for 1000 spaces with built-in financial and accounting system

A web application created as a mean for remarkably swift and convenient car park management. After logging in to administrative account, an intuitive interface leads the user through supervising arrivals and departures, while offering quick access to price calculation, assigning discounts and annual tickets. What's more, customer invoices and monthly summaries can be generated both automatically and on demand.

Technologies we used:

Web data extraction

Over 10 million commercial websites data rows extracted in just 90 minutes, utilizing in-house automatic reCaptha bypas solution.

Among all of the solutions we have delivered so far, web-scraping deserves a special place in our hearts. Each of the accomplished projects from within that spectrum brought our customers the ease of controlling their businesses and outcomes. Moreover, each of them started with very custom requirements, which we were able to meet.

Technologies we used:

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Website optimization

Up to 98/100 points (PC) in PageSpeed Insights for comercial sites and always over 80 for both Mobile and PC.

Since the website’s earliest days, we pay the utmost attention for the best possible user experience and continuously seek the space for improvements. We value your time. Therefore the website is optimized to consume as little broadband as possible, resulting in short rendering times. This happened to be the crucial factor for mobile devices - a vast majority of our visitor base.

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