we extend your team

As a constantly evolving software house, quality is our main trade. We are located in Poland, which comes top in rankings of tech companies according to many sources like HackerRank or Pentalog. When it comes to outsourcing, we can propose flexible offers that can be adjusted to your personal demands.
We began our journey as a start-up, which converted into a thriving company. All of us are either graduates in Computer Science at the Technical University of Lodz or aspiring students being focused on that specific subject. As for our language skills, we feel kind of professionals since in Poland thereis a remarkable emphasis on this kind of abilities. We have a long‑time experience working with foreign companies. With an iterative approach to software development working around any time differences is definitely possible.

Our key to success

Cooperation model that we offer is a so-called extended team model. It is not a usual approach.
developers discussing over the computer
Our clients are with us from the very beginning of the process until the end. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our attitude allows you to have 100 percent control over the development process. Each step is consulted and the final word belongs to you. Our team is here to support you with our knowledge and experience. We can discuss every detail and then put it to work. It is always your choice.
We are open to answering any business or technical question that comes to your mind. Not only are we a team of professionals, but also motivated developers. Now you can stop searching for a perfect company because here we are! Despite our high technical abilities, we are amazing when it comes to soft skills. Our weekly routine consists of regular team meetings and some integration parts. We celebrate together all the important moments. Our environment is employee-friendly which fosters creativity and empowerment.
man sitting by the desk with the programming code on the display

Communication at your fingertips

Our cooperation will usually be remote. Long-distance arrangements rely on communication tools.
a relaxed person holding the laptop displaying the people attending a video call
You can be confident that we make it efficient and well-thought. We perfected video conferencing, task tracking, screen sharing and instant messaging. All of these are properly configured. To avoid misunderstanding at the initial stages of software development, we always clarify all roles and responsibilities in our team. We set people in charge of communication, planning and reviewing. After we have possessed in-depth knowledge of our customer’s needs we keep them up-to-date with his project progress.
In TDCM, we use Agile methodology to keep our projects on track. This approach advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, empirical knowledge, and continual improvement. It also encourages rapid and flexible response to any change. We consider Agile practices as ones that improve the agility of software professionals.
two people sharing ideas on the paper notebook with computers on the table