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We have broad experience in creating software products for our clients – from small projects to big applications and software systems serving hundreds of thousands of users.

Beyond software development

Software and web application ideas are a dime a dozen, but it takes skills and experience to make them truly successful. We have all you need to turn a well thought-out idea into a reliable and functional product or service.

Sensible technology decisions

We support our clients in making critical software decisions for the benefit of the final product. Also, we closely follow the development of the technologies behind your product or service to make sure it is always put to good use and benefits your business.

Our customers speak

This is what our customers have been saying about us so far!

Megan B.

VP of Product

I had a great experience working with TDCM. They were easy to work with and dedicated from the stage of scoping an idea and working out the best way to accomplish it all the way through to getting a beautiful finished product. I would definitely happily work with them again and would recommend them to anyone I know who needs similar services.

Dominik D.

Delivery Director

The comprehensive services provided by the TDCM team were an integral part of our development process. We could confidently delegate to them partial responsibility for the design, implementation and testing of the dedicated solution, along with the future post-development technical support for our end users. TDCM provided us with a team of competent Javascript programmers, who worked on existing technology developed by our company. The team also takes care of the ongoing monitoring of the delivered solutions. It is a pleasure working with them.

Tomasz K.

Event Planning Executive

Professionalism and convenience – these were the key factors which prompted us to choose the TDCM as a partner. Although we are teaching some of the greatest minds in our country and have a lot of technical background, we decided to organize and promote High School Jubilee using their eventshaper service. We appreciate the ease of use, clear instructions and fantastic support at every stage of the organization.

Jim S.

VP of Product

TDCM encapsulates some of the most coveted features of a reliable technology partner: they are professional and knowledgeable, and provide very valuable support at every stage of the project. Their contribution and insights were integral for our product development.

I can confidently recommend them as a reliable and competent software development partner.

Dan D.

Director of Events

We are extremely happy to have partnered with TDCM when organizing the Red Bull Megawatt event in 2017. The company provided us with invaluable technical support setting up the event’s competitor registration process. The team was not only competent, but also proved very helpful and demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication at every stage of the project. I don’t think we would have done it without them.

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